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Aug 2, 2018 2 min read

ServerlessConf'18 in San Francisco - Day Two


So yesterday was Day 2 at the ServerlessConf in San Francisco.

It started very well with a passionate speaker: Simon Wardley (@swardley), who presented a practical strategic and business approach that leads to Serverless and Functions.

He has developed a concept of mapping or more precisely Value-Chain Mapping that looks really powerful and I will spend some time studying it and playing with it. I think it can be very valuable to my work and should be applicable in different fields.

Simon Wardley at ServerlessConfSimon Wardley at ServerlessConf

The second presenter was ACloudGuru CEO and Co-Founder, Sam Kroonenburg. Very good talk, more practical than the previous as he explained the company journey on serverless. They built their website entirely on Serverless technologies. I saw it already on-line from a previous conference, still, it was good.

In particular, the stats are impressive, it costs them nothing for such a popular website!

ACloudGuru’s stats and spendingACloudGuru’s stats and spending

Then, we had other good speakers sharing best practices around Serverless and selling their products.

I had the opportunity to talk with different solutions architects and cloud vendors. I had several architectural questions regarding the App I am building and I could not find someone with all the answers.

However, I got good guidance and I think as Sam said you have to be a pioneer if you go serverless. There are many concepts that are so new that there are still very few people with the required experience.

Overall, it was a great conference. I have learned a lot and also it confirmed some of my choices. There is a revolution in the app development and this is Serverless!

The serverless Framework team shared interesting views on the conference on their blog too.