Romain Jourdan
Romain Jourdan
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Jun 22, 2017 1 min read


AWSome! Today I have passed the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certification! And two weeks ago, I passed the AWS Developer - Associate certification.

That’s the reason for going back to hibernation again, not easy to manage a demanding career with travels and work to do, whilst having quality time with family then find the time to work on it. The answer is short night and invest time during week-ends….

But I am very glad to have won this personal challenge. Back in May, I pushed myself to get the two certifications by my 36th birthday. Mission accomplished, feeling of accomplishment is sooo good.

Thanks to Madam to have supported me on that one, again :-D

Now, I feel more equipped to help customers moving to the Cloud and also to make even better Alexa skills!