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Aug 1, 2018 2 min read

30 days challenge!

Today, I took the resolution to go on a 30-day challenge. And it is not about diet :-)

When was my last post? December 31st!!!!! I have plenty of ideas I want to share, plenty of experience other people could (might?) benefit from and I have been just too lazy.

Yes, I have a demanding job. Yes, I have 2 young boys and a wife at home that I love and I need to take care of. And yes, we are now in a new country, discovering so many things. Nevertheless, I could have done a better job and today is a new day.

I had a great day attending the #serverlessconf in San Francisco. Great talks, inspiring speakers, I will talk more about this very soon. I want to share more of those.

Let’s go back to my last post. At the end of it, I laid out the topics I wanted to focus on in 2018

  • Build a team of Evangelists, create an environment where people can thrive and make an impact.

    • Work in progress, the team is doing a great job, and although there are challenges, we are going in the right direction.
  • Make Riverbed the leader in SDWAN & Cloud Networking through innovation and customer focus

    • Still a lot of work to do but I am confident we will make it. The past months have been amazing and we have had some great success.
  • Publish a demo platform using Serverless concepts (Function as a Service, Database, Auth0…)

    • work in progress. I really enjoyed two talks today one by Adrian Cockcroft ( @adrianco) and Joe Emison (@JoeEmison) so I am going to follow their advise. Publish a first version and iterate from there. I don’t have to wait until everything is perfect to share with the rest of the community.
  • Continue to learn AWS capabilities and leverage them for my work (and pleasure).

    • Yep. Lambda, DynamoDB and Network Architectures.
  • Refresh my Python and node.js skills

    • Python yes and I have fun with it, node.js no experience at all
  • Write more often….

    • hence this 30 day challenge :-)