Romain Jourdan
Romain Jourdan
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Dec 31, 2021 3 min read

2022 Goals

The beginning of the year is always a good time to reflect and think about what we want to achieve. The past two years have been tough for everyone. Although I can’t really complain about my personal situation - job is great, family is doing well, health is good - I found that I have not taken any major leap in my personal growth. I also feel that I have mostly incured what was happening and done the things I had to do. So for 2022, I want to set goals for things I want to achieve and learn but also for better enjoying my life.

Personal growth

  • I will read at 12 non-fiction books in 2022. Since Covid, I have not read much as I used to. This was a best practices I developed and cherish in the past. I need to get back to it, less screen time, more book time.
  • Continue to learn from entrepreneurs by listening to podcasts and meeting them via the Founder Club I have recently joined.
  • I want to learn and invest more on Web3. I don’t mean investing money in crypto currencies but time to understand what we could do with it. It will require energy to triage through the scams, social media dramas and experimenting with the technologies.
  • I will pass some certifications: the three AWS associate exams, the AWS network speciality, and Docker. I might consider other certifications along the way. Why passing certifications? Because it helps me setting a goal with a date. It is a forcing function to spend the time to learn and practice.
  • I will write a blog post every two weeks. This will be a challenge, I know but again I think it is a great forcing function to learn and practice.

Enjoying life

  • Although we spend most of our time in the same place (i.e. home), my wife and I are not spending quality time together. I will book time in my agenda so every two weeks we have a long lunch together so we can enjoy good time to talk, without me speeding up to join a meeting or being interrupted by the kids every two sentences…
  • Plan time to meet with friends or at least call them more often. With Covid, I have been a poor friend… There were valid reasons to protect my family and for my wife not to have to manage the kids alone. However, I miss them a lot and the distance does not help…
  • Go to the office at least twice a week. Working from home has its perks but not seeing anyone for a week besides my family, not moving enough and always staying at the same place is too much for me. I need to see that the city is living and I am part of it.
  • Move more! I am not fat but I am not in the shape I used to be before Covid. I need to take care more about my self: walking, running, meditation, spas…

Help others

  • I am committed to help my team grow and have the opportunities to learn. Beyond my team, I want to help others achieve their goals, specifically under represented populations to join the tech work force. I started to help some in 2021 and there is much more I could do there.
  • My very good friend Seb has been working on his reconversion. He is spending a lot of time learning his new job. I have been helping him building a company and I will spend more time so he can finally leave his current employer and live from his passion.

There is of course much more I could do but I want to set myself for success in 2022 so I’ll stick to those goals. Happy new year!